Landmark Out-of-Home Sponsorships
We’re always on the lookout for truly iconic, landmark opportunities to present to our clients. Events that can truly shake-up a market and create a new city landmark named after your brand!

One current opportunity available in almost any market in the U.S.:
Giant Passenger Blimps
These Giant Passenger Blimps are a highly differentiated medium for building brand awareness in densely populated urban markets. They literally rise above billboards and other signage to capture the skyline day and night. Specific benefits include:
With a circumference of approximately 150 feet, they are almost 4 times as large as a standard billboard, offering tremendous exposure to pedestrians and drivers.
In addition to the sheer size of the advertising display, the blimps reach an altitude of up to 500 feet, making it visible up close and for miles around. They are also illuminated at night, energizing the skyline and making it the ideal around-the-clock, high-visibility media exposure.
The blimps offer a unique opportunity for consumers to interact with your brand through the balloon ride experience, which creates an indelible impression. Sponsorship display options include a changeable 360 degree banner that wraps around the equator of the balloon or a custom printed balloon envelope, along with the flexibility to brand the balloon basket and the balloon staging area.
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